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 The "shape" that forms an object and the "function" that an object exerts are closely related to each other. Dynamics describes how the shape and function of an object change over time. These changes appear as bifurcations and cooperative dynamics driven by nonlinear interactions between the elements that make up the object and interactions with external field. We aim to establish a methodology for ”microdynamics” by building models of multilayer structures and their interactions, and analyzing the model, and then verifying the theory.


The following paper has been published.NEW
Crack sensitivity of nacre-like laminate composite materials: Monte Carlo simulation based on stability theory
Yi Yan, Akihiro Nakatani, International Journal of Solids and Structures, Vol. 202, pp.646-659 (2020).
Dr. So Nagashima is awarded the "JSME Young Engineers Award".NEW
The following two papers has been presented in the 13th CHAOS 2020 International Conference.
Dynamics of discrete breathers in normal modes in a symmetric lattice
Y. Doi, R. Wada, A. Nakatani, The 13th CHAOS 2020 International Conference (CHAOS2020), 2020.6.9-12 (Online Conference).
Localization of negative-effective-mass electron by supersonic kink in 1D lattice
Yu. A. Kosevich, A. P. Chetverikov, Y. Doi, The 13th CHAOS 2020 International Conference (CHAOS2020), 2020.6.9-12 (Online Conference).
The following paper has been accepted for publilation.
Construction of nonlinear lattice with potential symmetry for smooth propagation of discrete breather
Y. Doi, K. Yoshimura, Nonlinearity, Vol.33, 5142 (2020).
New members has joined to our group.
Guidance for laboratory assignment for undergraduate students
4/3 updated As announced at KOAN, the open laboratory on April 6 and 7 for undergraduate students has been canceled. Materials for laboratory introductions will be released on this website in Japanese. Questions will be accepted by email. Frequently asked questions may be answered on this web site. Be sure to check the general information on lab assignments on KOAN.
Our laboratory will open in 13:00-17:00 April 6 and 9:30-12:00 April 7, for the undergraduate students in mechanical engineering course. Briefing by staff and/or graduate students will be held in the room M4-305 at the time specified in the handout. Individual questions to staff will be accepted at the room M4-303 (Prof. Nakatani) and M4-302 (Assoc. Prof. Doi).
The new webpage opens.